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Oliemolenhof, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Turning a parking lot into a multi-functional park
Public Space


Oliemolenhof, De Nieuwe Stad - Amersfoort, the Netherlands

A place to meet, relax and host events
The client wanted us to create an area that would attract Amersfoort residents, as well as businesses. A place where people can meet up, or go for a lunchtime walk. VIC transformed this former parking lot located in the heart of Amersfoort's De Nieuwe Stad area into a multi-functional square. The parking lot tarmac has made way for 42 different trees (one of those being a palm tree), border vegetation and seating accommodation. The border vegetation was put in with an eye on improving biodiversity and mitigating tarmac heat radiation. It also adds extra colour to changing of the seasons. 

Mobility and Sustainability
A great venue for a chance encounter, the Oliemolenhof has also taken a leap forward in accommodating electric cars with the flexible charging stations it is also home to. The square boasts twenty charging stations which, if needed, can also be tapped into during events.

This sees De Nieuwe Stad equipped with a connecting green ‘town centre’ and Amersfoort itself furnished an attractive new square. The newly-developed Oliemolenhof is the new green hub connecting the various area of De Nieuwe Stad. The park also boosts the entire area's potential for attracting new tennants, thus also adding economic value.

Having constructed the site, VIC also provides the maintenance and management at the Oliemolenhof.

The newly-designed square offers its occupants and visitors a modicum of tranquillity in what is an otherwise busy and dynamic part of town. This sees this special communal space join what at first glance appear to be juxtaposed needs, i.e. rendezvousing, relaxation, events and traffic.

Kristian Koreman, owner of ZUS urban planning

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