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About VIC

VIC uses functional green spaces to create valuable and pleasant outdoor spaces.

We believe in ‘green’ not being a by-product, but rather an essential component of our habitat. We use functional green spaces to create valuable outdoor spaces, e.g. squares and parks, gardens, courtyard gardens, rooftop gardens and other public spaces. VIC can provide such ideas and solutions both in urban, as well as non-urban areas, and on projects of all sizes.

Smart green solutions for halting climate change
At VIC, green has a purpose: it contributes. It contributes to our health: trees and bushes filter nitrogen dioxide and green vegetation is beneficial to a person's mood and positively impacts the indoor climate. Green can save the climate: putting in rooftop and facade-fixed vegetation reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect and is a way of capturing the vast amounts of rainwater.

Adding economic value
Properties located within or near green spaces see their economic value increased, with diversity in trees and plants improving biodiversity and social cohesion as public parks are a place where young and old meet.

Interested? Or already have some ideas you'd like to discuss with us?
Feel free to contact us. Call +31 33 203 7004 or email us at: secretariaat@viclandscapes.nl