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VIC's strengths are: Conceptualisation, design, construction and maintenance. From start to finish. VIC delivers both on every component individually, and on the project as a whole.

Integrated Green Concept
VIC teams up with designers, architects and contractors in creating a comprehensive outdoor concept. VIC understands the architect in the same manner it does the greenkeeper and its own client, thus enabling it to contribute a practical train of thought to attaining creative solutions.

1: Conceptualisation

It all starts with the client's desire for a clever and efficient outdoor space incorporating aesthetic as well as practical qualities. VIC helps the client define that desire, upon which we then move to conceptualise it.

2: Design

In partnering (landscape) architects, designers and visualisers, VIC is able to come up with concepts that see its greens, users, products, buildings and surroundings all interact with one and other.

3: Construction

Once that's done VIC then moves to implement its design and begin construction. VIC employees team up with its partner companies in an amalgamation of the skills and products needed to construct the optimal outdoor space. VIC's project managers employ effective and tight planning to be able to guarantee a satisfactory result.

4: Maintenance

Upon completion of a project’s construction VIC will then also move to maintain the outdoor space in question, placing particular onus on the site's functioning and continued development. VIC proactively provides the client information on quality and opportunity potential to enable him to enjoy his outdoor space in the best way possible.
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