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De Kleine Campus, Arnhem

Turning a grammar school into a dynamic place in which to live and work.
Multifunctional Outdoor Space


Statenlaan 8, Arnhem

De Kleine Campus is a contemporary communal workplace housed at the Arnhem grammar school building, a listed property located close to the lively Spijker quarter, near Arnhem city centre. The project aimed to have its outdoor space be an extension of its indoor space, i.e. somewhere offering a great deal of space within which to work, meet others, play and relax.

Dive in!
The site's outdoor space has been adorned with “functional green,” i.e. the trees lining the site aren't merely there for aesthetic purposes, they also bear the apples, pears and nuts served at the Kleine Campus Café. The pondside water plants purify the water and the pond is great for taking a dip on a hot day! The site's forested outer perimeter provides a natural sound barrier, blocking the inner-city noise and generating fresh air and shade. The office lawn is great for yoga. And why not work or have lunch under the cover of its blooming magnolia trees?

VIC's services aren't limited to construction. It also does the maintenance and management of the outdoor space at De Kleine Campus.

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