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Stationspark, Harderwijk, the Netherlands

A natural playground to activate the area around the train station
Natural Playground


Stationsplein, Harderwijk, the Netherlands

The City of Harderwijk wanted to transform the area around its train station into a green and stimulating space where routing made sense. A natural playground to act as a green train station run-off area. VIC partnered the City of Harderwijk in arriving at a concept that employed greens and a playground to seduce people to utilise this outdoor space. The circular use of materials was central to this concept, e.g. the playground attributes were made out of oak trees the city had to fell elsewhere in town.

Construction on this park was completed in the spring of 2017 and the project saw VIC and its client decide to opt for in situ design during construction. The hits and misses encountered during this process enabled us to deliver an even better result.

VIC took on park management duties during its first year of operation, before passing them on to the City of Harderwijk with the park in its best possible shape.

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