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ITM Group, Poland

Turning a run-down commercial estate into an exciting place to meet
Multifunctional Outdoor Space



- ITM Group (client)

Andrzeja Stanikowskiego 2, Radom, Poland

A large machinery manufacturer in Poland employing 450 people had asked VIC landscapes to turn the grounds to its manufacturing plant into a vibrant and accessible environment. VIC subsequently came up with the idea of interconnecting the site's buildings, improving safety and turning the outdoor space into a pleasant area within which to work and reside. The greens VIC has put in, act as a barrier prohibiting motorised vehicles from entering the grounds, and incorporates the company logo. A tennis court was also added with the aim of improving employee work enjoyment.

VIC has also been retained to perform maintenance on the newly-designed grounds, monitoring tree growth, conducting regular maintenance, and continuously improving its vibrant layout.

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