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Monastery Garden, Heerlen, the Netherlands

Heavenly & Historic
Monastery Garden



- Woningstichting Weller (opdrachtgever)
- De TWEE gezusters (exploitant horeca en terrein)

Putgraaf 3, Heerlen

Adjoining Heerlen monasteries the Luciushof and the Savelbergklooster enjoy a long and intertwined history. Having both been fully renovated, they were rebranded De TWEE Gezusters [Eng: The TWO Sisters], and now jointly serve a multi-functional purpose, providing office space, residential quarters, meeting rooms, hosting concerts, and housing a museum as well as a restaurant.

In years gone by the monasteries’ gardens had been a vital part of local food production, but the site has over the years come to lose that functionality. VIC was asked to turn the grounds into a place that would attract people looking for office space, as well as those looking for a drink or bite to eat in equal measure. The design would also need to bring the site's rich history back to life.

Added Value
VIC was able to breath new life into the monastery garden by putting in a restaurant patio, reintroducing friar Aloysius's herb garden and linking the inner courtyard garden to the Five Squares. The monastery's grounds have now not only become a place for solace and contemplation, they've also become a great place to meet for both man (e.g. the petanque track) and wildlife (e.g. the bee & insect hotel) alike. The garden has really proven its worth as since then restaurant turnover has sky-rocketed.

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