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Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen, Velp

Outdoor Enclave
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Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen

Velp, the Netherlands

Velp's Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen is a true outdoor enclave. It's a cleverly-designed property set in the midst of woodland.

The hotel's surrounding woodland is part of a large estate that not only boasts native vegetation, but also adorns vast arrays of rhododendrons and designer water features and bridges. The same types of native vegetation found in its surrounding area have also been planted to the hotel's outer grounds, with certain exotic varieties restricted to adorning its central enclosure.

VIC designed and put in the hotel's central enclosure featuring a green waterside amphitheatre sitting area dubbed the ‘balcony by the brook’.

The use of slabs and gravel on the footpaths works well with the abundantly green vegetation used in their bordering. The design has allowed the great outdoors to encroach until right up to the walls of the hotel itself, with roe deer, wild boar, swallows and kingfishers often found wandering up to its windows.

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