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Crescent Park, Harderwijk

Exciting Play&Explore Park in Harderweide
Water reservoir & park



- Hoornstra-Ophof Construction
- Harderwijk Council
- Vallei en Veluwe Water Authority

Harderweide, Harderwijk, the Netherlands

Crescent Park can be found tucked into the A28 motorway bend in the Harderweide new-build residential area. Harderwijk's very own special Play&Explore park features nearly four kilometres of footpath routing, Mud Run obstacle course elements, a beached pirate ship, and even a rain-driven tidal mechanism. Electric diggers were employed on the park's construction in an attempt to keep an eye on sustainability.

Stimulating the Senses
Crescent Park boasts a wide variety in vegetation. VIC planted fruit trees, as well as oak, pine, and beach trees to the site, but also included some trees comfortable in wet soils, e.g. bald cypresses, alder trees and willows. VIC also put in a hedgerow along the motorway end of the site. Not only does it this ecological and aesthetic value, it also acts as a natural filter to help lock in CO2 and atmospheric aerosol particles.

The park's south entrance mirrors its Veluwe surroundings, adorned with heath vegetation, purple moor grass and European red pine. Its watersides have a largely natural appearance. The park has not only been kitted out with a rather diverse range of plants and trees, the animals that inhabit it have also received a boost to their surroundings, with nesting ground options put in such as a swallow wall, a kingfisher nesting wall and an insect hotel.

Exciting Play&Explore World
Kids can enjoy themselves on the play route featuring a beached pirate ship, a zip liner and a one-of-its-kind play tower fitted with a windmill and slide. The island can also be enjoyed during a park walk, with visitors having the option of navigating the entire four-kilometre course, or going for a shorter stroll. Active outdoor athletes will also enjoy its obstacle course. This can pose quite a challenge as it leads you across the south side of the motorway sound barrier, through and across the water feature and the alder woodland.

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To us, creating a public green space is the icing on the cake completing any new-build housing project. We simply drop in a slew of black soil. And now we've teamed up in creating this great park. And that puts the icing on the cake, for us, too.

Marc Winkel, Hoornstra-Ophof Constrcution


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