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Klingelbeek Estate, Arnhem

One-of-its-kind Rhine Landscape
Country Estate

2020 / 2021


- Schipper Bosch

- Bureau Harro

Arnhem, the Netherlands

Following years of neglect and abandonment, Arnhem's Klingelbeek Estate was given a new lease of life with the development of additional buildings that blend into its landscape. The new additions enjoy a relationship with their surrounding landscape, sometimes reclining into its undulating surroundings, other times hiding in amongst the trees. The Rhine river, however, remains the area's main eye-catcher. A run-off of the Veluwe glacial wall, the estate mirrors the relief of the famous Dutch heath, and the contemporary architecture it boasts helps create an attractive and natural landscape.

A wealth of experiences
This isn't the first transition Klingelbeek Estate has undergone; this being the latest of many. Some of the trees adorning the estate, however, have been there for centuries. The estate's pond has remained in place, nor has the vegetable plot been moved.

The wooded western end of the estate was brought into the main grounds, adding a natural dimension to a newly-cultivated landscape. This offers a stark contrast with the man-made tapestry of floral vegetation that was put in. The estate's new design has given centre stage to its many special trees and bushes.

The meandering footpath forms a unique connection to the Rhine river. The hard lines of the swimming pond adorned with water-filtering plants contrast with the natural flow the adjacent Rhine river as it overlooks the Meinerswijk area of Arnhem. This is a landscape that was intended to be used by its residents. It must be played in, walked, swum in, or sat down in. It acts as the new residents’ front and back garden.

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