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Roof garden Ebben Inspyrium, Cuijk

Multifunctional sustainable garden at height
Roof garden



Ebben Trees



For the Inspyrium in Cuijk, VIC has designed a roof garden in collaboration with Inspyrium that can be used multifunctionally. Various places have been created on the roof where consultation, work or presentations can take place. Due to the variation in places, a different workshop can be given everywhere without the participants being bothered by the other participants.

Scattered over the space, various objects are placed that show the power of greenery. Think of beehives that end up in a great living environment due to the plants on the roof. Furthermore, the power of the wind and the sun is extracted for charging telephones and computers. By pedaling on a bicycle, visitors can experience for themselves how much force a tree has to deliver to transport the water all the way into its leaves. The plants on the roof can then be supplied with water form this pumped water.

A tree house has also been built on the roof garden where presentations can be given. The entire nursery can be seen from the adjacent vantage point in the form of a bird's nest.

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